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Combustion Order Ltd was founded in January 2017 to exploit the discovery of fundamental intellectual property in the field of combustion science by the founder.

Since then we have been working diligently to secure patent protection and refine our ideas on the application of this technology and most importantly the route to market.

This has been a challenging process, given the changes in the market and legislation landscape that have occurred during this time. However, this has driven us to focus, innovate and collaborate to introduce this new disruptive technology for the transport and mobile energy sector.


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Standard combustion engines do not have an efficiency that is high enough, or emissions that are low enough to be of use as the power source for an electric drive vehicle.

Battery and Hydrogen fuel cells face significant challenges, in terms of range, weight, safety, cost and infrastructure requirements before they can achieve widespread roll-out. This potentially leaves a generation without access to an affordable, clean transportation solution.

The Electric Engine can provide this solution, now, using disruptive patented technology that will revolutionize the transport and mobile energy sector.