Smart & Professional

Peter Martin is widely recognised as a world class engineer and has a wide network of contacts. Since graduating from UCL in 1984 he has spent over 36 years as a leading designer of electronic systems, whilst working in the telecoms, space, defence and automotive sectors. During this time Peter has lectured on VHDL design at Trinity College Oxford and also spent 5 years working for Plextek Ltd, the leading independent electronic design consultancy in the UK. He has also worked for over 11 years in total for MBDA Missile Systems Ltd achieving the executive position of Chief Electronics Design Engineer in 2012.

Experienced as a trouble-shooter for electronic system designs and design teams, introducing effective technical leadership and applying best practice design techniques, with particularly emphasis on the importance of electronic architecture design.

Since 2005 Peter has also been active in the field of dual fuel engine control technology and has gained a wealth of experience by successfully designing and testing a number of different engine control systems.

Peter is the inventor of 3 granted patents, one of which was licensed and then subsequently assigned to G-volution Ltd as the basis of their Optimiser dual fuel system for HGVs and trains.

Chris Smith is an adviser to Combustion Order Ltd

Chris has run G-volution Ltd since 2008, and fully supports Combustion Order’s market approach.

The G-volution business case is that the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) needs to evolve to become more efficient, cleaner and greener – the technology patented by Combustion Order Ltd can help deliver that goal.

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