Closed Loop Internal Combustion (CLIC)

Because of the speed of the control loop, sensors and actuators we can for the first time operate the combustion engine under true real time closed loop control. In simple terms this means adjusting and controlling each combustion event as it is happening.

New Combustion Mode

The CLIC principle enables the engine to operate using a new combustion mode, that is characterised by greater thermodynamic efficiency and dramatically lower emissions.


The system concept is based around a single design of a synchronous hybrid power unit which can be mass produced in high volumes at low cost. A single power unit is sufficient for a small van, but additional power units can be added and the outputs combined electrically for higher power requirements.

Likewise, the torque of the electric drive system can be simply increased by adding additional motors.

Capacitive storage

Once you are generating the electricity on-board, capacitors are the obvious choice for high efficiency, light weight and low-cost short-term storage.

Capacitors are already used in the braking energy recovery systems on some racing cars.

Electric drive and Control system

Removal of the requirement for the engine to directly drive the wheels provides the freedom to operate the engine without high transient operation. Thus, reducing the stress on the engine while increasing efficiency and lowering emissions.

Flexible power architecture

Additional power sources, or energy storage can be added to the system for different applications and managed by the electronic control system.